ChangeTower's powerful change monitoring engine can monitor for multiple criteria types -- and most any mix of the below conditions.

  • % Page Change: Receive notifications if a page changes to a pre-set percentage-based degree.

  • Number of Words Added or Removed: ChangeTower will index existing content, and notify you if X number or words are added (or removed) to/from the page.

  • Keywords: Search pages for certain trigger keywords, and receive alerts if ChangeTower finds any of these keywords on your selected page.

  • Keyword Set: Monitor for multiple keywords, and receive an alert if ChangeTower finds ALL keywords on-page.

  • Exact Word or Phrase: Monitor for an exact word or phrase.

  • HTML Snippet: Keep an eye on the HTML code behind a page, and ChangeTower will let you know if the HTML code you've specified is added -- or removed.

  • Image: Check to see if a certain image file is being referenced on-page.

  • Page Down or Unreachable: ChangeTower will alert you if your selected page is down or otherwise unreachable.

When creating or editing a check, you'll be able to fine-tune your check criteria to include just one or multiple conditions -- and whether ChangeTower should look for a match for ALL indicated criteria or ANY MIX of your selected criteria.

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