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Often times users want to only monitor part of a webpage in an effort to only receive notifications when the part of the page changes that matters to them. An easy / simple example of this would be if you wanted to track the pricing of your competitors' products on their (or a 3rd party e-commerce) website. ChangeTower's product team released its Visual Monitoring feature to enable our handle this precise use case. This monitor will enable you to receive notifications if / when a certain % threshold of a monitored area on a page were to chain. 

Note: it is not currently possible to monitor specific content with the Visual Monitor Tool (e.g. specific keywords) 

Step 1: Create a New Website Monitor on

Note: The Visual / Partial Page Monitor Tool is only available when monitoring a single URL for changes

Step 2: Select the Part of the Page to Monitor and the % threshold as the Change Criteria  

Step 3: Set your notification Preferences 

Step 4: Receive Email Confirmation of Monitor Setup and see Preview of Monitored Area

Tags: Partial page monitoring, monitor website section, visual monitor

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