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How to Receive Text / SMS Notifications
How to Receive Text / SMS Notifications

SMS, Mobile, texts, text messages. Receive ChangeTower notifications to your mobile device

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While ChangeTower currently sends change notifications to its users via email, users wishing to receive text notifications can do so rather easily by taking advantage of ChangeTower's Shared User(s) feature and adding their cell phone's email address as an approved user to the monitor(s) in question. 

If you're not aware, nearly all cell carriers have an email address associated with the numbers on their networks. The steps are fairly straightforward and you can see detailed instructions via this CNET Article. You simply need to determine the syntax of your carrier's email address equivalent (we've provided a number of the most popular US carriers' below), which can be found via a quick Google search. 

Step 1: Identify your phone's email address

Here's an abbreviated list of carrier SMS gateways.

  • AT&T: [your number]

  • MetroPCS: [your number]

  • Nextel: [your number]

  • Sprint: [your number] OR [your number]

  • T-Mobile: [your number]

  • Verizon: [your number]

  • Virgin Mobile: [your number]

  • U.S. Cellular: [your number]

Step 2: Use ChangeTower's Shared User(s) feature and add your Cell Phone's email address as a Shared user: 

A screencast of adding a shared user to receive ChangeTower's change notification via SMS.

Note: the ability to add shared user(s) to your account is a premium feature

Step 3: Determine which Monitor(s) you'd like to receive alerts for via SMS on your mobile device:

A screencast of the list of monitors created on ChangeTower

Step 4: Begin receiving alerts via SMS!

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