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How to Set Up Multiple Monitors via the Bulk Import Process
How to Set Up Multiple Monitors via the Bulk Import Process

The bulk import feature enables users to import their webpages from an Excel Spreadsheet to streamline the Monitor creation process

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September 4, 2018

ChangeTower users seeking to create Monitors on multiple web pages can now set up multiple Monitors at once. While users can now manually enter multiple URLs at once, the new import wizard now enables users to import their full list of URLs from an Excel Spreadsheet. Be sure to download and use ChangeTower's import template when creating your list: 

Step1: Choose the Option for Multiple URLs during Setup

Multiple URLs option in ChangeTower

Step 2: Download the Import Template

Once you choose your Monitor-type from the list of available options, click the 'Import URLs from Spreadsheet' button:

A screencast of downloading ChangeTower's import URLs template

Step 3: Paste your list of URLs into the Excel spreadsheet template. If you'd like, feel free to name your Monitors and/or provide unique tag(s) - optional but helpful in remaining organized! 

A screencast of steps to take to import the list of URLs to ChangeTower.

Step 4: Click the 'Import URLs from Spreadsheet' button, choose the option to upload your updated spreadsheet, and complete the standard setup process  

The system will spend some time indexing the URLs in the background and will notify you via email once your Monitors have been created in your account. If you import more than is permitted by your plan tier, the system will activate the number you're permitted to have and 'pause' the rest. You will then need to upgrade your plan to have the paused Monitors resume. 

The system will notify you via email if any of your URLs were unable to be crawled and will also notify you if any of your Monitors have been paused due to plan limitations.

A screenshot of the email notification letting you know URLs have been imported.

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