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Can I Monitor an Entire Website for Changes?
Can I Monitor an Entire Website for Changes?

A Step by Step Guide for setting up Monitors on all of the sub-pages for an entire website / domain

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ChangeTower enables users to receive change notifications/alerts for changes across an entire website and the setup process is a breeze! Simply tell the system that you want to monitor an entire website, pick the Monitor-type that best suits your use case, enter the URL, and you're off! The trickiest step will probably be determining which Monitor-Type is best for your unique needs! 

The process is super simple but we've broken it down into 7 straightforward steps (with graphics) to help if this is your first time using this feature on ChangeTower!

Monitor an Entire Website for Changes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Indicate that you're looking to set up a Monitor on an entire website/domain:

Step 2: Pick the Monitor-type that best meets your needs/user case

If you're looking to be alerted of any Text changes to an entire website, we recommend the Content Monitor Type!

Note: the Visual / Partial Page Monitor Type is not available when Monitoring an entire website as it requires you to indicate the subsection of interest on each individual webpage / URL 

Step 3: Paste in the web URL of the homepage of the website you want to Monitor, pick the 'level' at which you are interested in monitoring, and click 'Next':

Step 4: The system will automatically begin to index your website for all of the sub-pages. You can wait until the full scan completes (if you require 100% coverage of the website) or you can click 'Pause Scanning' once the URLs discovered are sufficient:

Step 5: Tell the system which of the discovered URLs are NOT of interest by using the checkboxes on the left or right. Monitors will not be created for those pages. 

Note: Click the Next Button in the middle of the screen to proceed 

Step 6: Establish your Monitoring criteria.

Note: this will depend on the Monitor Type you selected in Step 2 (e.g. Notify me when >5% of text changes on any webpage on this site vs. Notify me when 'This Keyword' appears on any page on this website vs. etc.)  

Again, the above image is just an example. The options here will depend on the Monitor-type selected in Step 2.

Step 7: Set the frequency, max # of daily emails/notifications (this is currently per webpage and not the entire set), and any relevant Tags

Pro Tip: Tags are a great way of keeping your account organized. You can use these to help you easily know which website the Monitors are for, the criteria or type selected, and most commonly, help you know for which department and/or client the Monitors are relevant for!  

Once you've successfully completed the above steps, you'll receive a confirmation message. It may take a few minutes for the Monitors to be set up on all of the pages for your website(s) but once finished, you'll be able to see the notifications on your dashboard or in the Manage Monitors section of the platform. You will be notified via email once the setup process has been completed.  

Note: users will be able to set up an initial scan/crawl of all of the webpages for their Website BUT if the number of Monitors exceeds the number permitted by their plan tier, they will automatically be paused until the plan has been upgraded so that those paused Monitors can be activated. 

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