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How to Monitor password protected websites
How to Monitor password protected websites
There are two methods for monitoring URLs requiring login credentials on ChangeTower
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ChangeTower offers two ways in which users can monitor password protected webpages. The first approach is the easiest and most straightforward, but it does not work for all webpages. We recommend you start with this option before attempting to use the Manual User Actions Feature for password protected pages:

  1. Click the green "New Monitor" button and select your desired Monitor-type (select "Single URL")

  2. Enter the URL you want to Monitor and wait for the login screen to appear 

  3.  Click the "Login Required" button

  4. Enter the username + password

  5. Click "Save & Refresh" 

Here's an video cast demonstrating steps 2-5: 

Having difficulty using this feature to get past the log in portal? This may be because your page uses specific specifications that aren't congruent with the Login Feature.... BUT don't worry - You can still Monitor this webpage! 

Note: username and password fields are encrypted before being stored in ChangeTower's database 

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