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What is a 'Notification-Only' User?
What is a 'Notification-Only' User?

Notification-Only Users are read-only users that can receive change notifications

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'Notification-only' users are read-only users that can receive change notifications but they cannot create, edit, or delete any Monitor set up by the account administrator. By adding this user-type to your Power User plan, you're able to specify which specific colleague(s), client(s), etc. should receive notifications of which Monitors in the administrator's account. When they log in to their account, they will only see the Monitors (and their respective notifications) that were shared with them. While they will be receive and review notifications for the Monitors shared with them, they will not be able to create their own Monitors. 

Once on your account, you can add your Notification-Only users via the 'Manage Team Notifications' section of the platform:

Manage Team Notifications section of ChangeTower

If you're interested in having multiple accounts with administrative privileges, that would require an Enterprise Seat or License, which is certainly possible for ChangeTower Enterprise customers. Feel free to reach out to learn more!

Notification-Only users can be added a la carte to the Power User product:

A screenshot of the interface where you can customize plan settings and add more notification-only users

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