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New Feature: Email Notifications Redesigned to include Change Details
New Feature: Email Notifications Redesigned to include Change Details

ChangeTower email notifications have been overhauled to provide users with context regarding specific changes directly within the email

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The team has been working hard on improving our email notifications to increase their utility / usefulness by including change details directly within the change notifications sent to our users' inboxes. The team has decided to implement these improved notifications across all plan tiers, including ChangeTower's free offering. You'll note that we took the opportunity to improve the design / ascetics a bit but the primary goal of this release was to embed specific change details directly within the email notifications. 

Below, you can see a sample change notification for a Content Monitor on

A screenshot of the change notification users receive to their email

Each notification includes a preview of what's changed and provides two lines of the content above/below the specific change in an effort to give the user context as to where the change(s) took place. Note that in some cases, all change details are not able to be included within the email and the user still needs to head to Dashboard to view the entire change report. 

Note: If you're looking for change details similar to the above example, we recommend the Content Monitor as that's likely the appropriate tool for your use case. The Below provides an overview of our other Monitor-types/tools and how you can expect the email notifications to behave:

Visual Monitor: will continue to display the monitored area on the page and will not include a content/text change report

HTML Monitor: will display changes similar to the text/content notifications

ANY Changes Monitor (HTML and/or Content): will display content changes (if there are any). If there were non-visual HTML changes (but no change to the content on the page), then the preview will appear blank.

Time Traveler Monitor: will display content changes similar to the example of the Content Monitor (above) 

Newly Published Keyword(s): will let you know that one of your keyword(s) was removed/added but no preview will be provided

Multi-Criteria Monitor: will let you know if / when your criteria has been met / unmet but no preview will be provided

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