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How can I use ChangeTower's Zapier integration to Automate Alerts (e.g. Slack, SMS) and Other workflows?
How can I use ChangeTower's Zapier integration to Automate Alerts (e.g. Slack, SMS) and Other workflows?

A Step by Step Guide for Enterprise customers to automate mobile alerts and workflows via Zapier

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Note: Zapier integration is only available to upgraded accounts

While ChangeTower will send real time alerts via email if / when a change that meets your custom criteria is detected, some Enterprise users prefer to receive alerts via alternative means, such as a 3rd Party App (e.g. Slack, Pushover, etc.). Whether you're seeking alternative delivery methods or simply looking to automate a custom workflow at your organization (e.g. auto-uploading image screenshots to a cloud provider for compliance purposes), the ChangeTower-Zapier integration is a great solution.

If you're not familiar with Zapier, it'll certainly take some getting used to but once you've spent some time exploring learning the platform, you'll soon be able to get going on creating 'zaps' to customize your workflow. 

To get started, you have to first sign up for a free account at Once there, you'll be able to begin setting up custom 'Zaps' to meet your needs. The example below that we're going to cover is how to send notifications to a Slack channel. Note that this is only a simple example of a common use case and similar steps can be followed to help automate other workflows as Zapier is integrated with thousands of commonly used productivity applications. The common thread between all of these is that when making a 'Zap...:

  1. You will need to search/select the ChangeTower app as your 'Trigger App' from the app marketplace 

2a) Locate your ChangeTower API Token: you will need your custom API token to sync with Zapier. Enterprise customers can find their unique API Token via their Account Settings:  

2b) Click on the 'Connect Account' button when making your Zap and paste in your API token:

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