Monitoring webpages for changes is in an increasingly challenging task given the nearly infinite combinations of front-ent technologies employed across the web. One specific challenge is if / when a site employs dynamic content on their webpages. Websites that employ dynamic content are those that allow the user to navigate around the site / page via a series of clicks and/or text entry (e.g. conducting a search) and despite all those changes and appearance that you've navigated to another page, the web URL remains unchanged. While this can provide a great user-experience, it's extremely problematic when it comes to monitoring the the content that is only displayed after a series of actions on these dynamic websites. 

Below is an example of how this provider 'hides' a list of features included across its plan tiers and they can only be displayed by clicking on the + icon next to 'Show All Features':

With ChangeTower's Manual User Actions, users can record a series of manual actions on these dynamic websites to ensure they're able to navigate the part of the page that matters to them. Note how by recording a mouse-click how the system is able to expose the hidden part of the page for future Monitoring:


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