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Introducing Domain Scanner: receive weekly reports for newly added, removed, and redirected URLs on a web domain
Introducing Domain Scanner: receive weekly reports for newly added, removed, and redirected URLs on a web domain

We've launched Domain Scanner to help Enterprise customers keep track of newly added (and removed) webpages

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As a leader in the web compliance and archiving space, ChangeTower is committed to providing an offering that helps Enterprise customers ensure adequate coverage of their clients, affiliates, and their own websites. Our platform has emerged as the preferred provider for helping compliance professionals provide oversight on websites for which they're liable to track / report / approve changes and/or maintain a historical archive. It's often that these professionals are responsible for the information and content on these pages (e.g. describing their product/service offering) yet have little to no control over if / when changes are made. An example would be how a credit card company markets is products via online marketing affiliates like CreditKarma. While Capital One has little to no control over how its products are described to consumers visiting CreditKarma, they are ultimately liable by regulatory agencies. 

Weekly Domain Report option in ChangeTower

We've developed features such as our bulk import wizard and website indexer for compliance professionals to help them quickly and easily set up Monitors on the web pages on their clients' or affiliates' domains. While these are very useful and time-saving tools and enable them to ensure they're checking these pages for changes, they fall short of helping to ensure compliance. For instance, what happens if a financial advisor posts a new blog post without first going through the proper channels for approval? What if an e-commerce client operating in a highly regulated space launches an unapproved product? In both of these instances, these websites are adding new pages and because they were not detected/created during the setup process, those concerned with the ongoing monitoring (and/or archiving) of these entire websites, suddenly find themselves vulnerable as they are not being alerted for if / when a domain adds additional pages. 

Here is an example of the Domain Scanner's weekly URL report:

An example of the Domain Scanner's weekly URL report

This is precisely why we've developed our domain scanning tool - to help ChangeTower Enterprise subscribers address this problematic blindspot. This domain scanner will run on a weekly basis and scan all of the URLs discovered on a particular domain and scan each of those for any / all associated URLs (see above for a sample report). It will compile a report of all of the content URLs discovered during this resource-intensive process and importantly, highlight which URLs were newly discovered, which have been removed, and which have been redirected. 

These Enterprise customers can then simply set up Monitors on those newly added URLs to ensure that they maintain coverage of the entire domain. While we're looking to improve this feature over time to help automate the creation of Monitors on newly discovered URLs (when needed), this is a very important step to addressing this important yet challenging requirement/use case.    

The Domain Scanner is available as an optional add-on for Enterprise customers (at an additional cost) given its resource-intensive nature. 

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