We're excited to announce that the ChangeTower Team has launched a new version of its platform that's been specifically designed to solve the needs of our Enterprise customers. We've received a number of requests from our Partners and we've prioritized those as appropriate and will be releasing a new offering stocked full of Enterprise-grade features. 

Here is an example of some of the the new features that are included in the release of ChangeTower Enterprise:

  • PDF Monitoring
  • Monitoring Text-based file-types (e.g. .js, .txt, .css, etc.)
  • Shared Notes / Approval Log for compliance
  • Zapier integrations (powering 3rd party applications such as Slack, data exports, etc.)
  • Additional Enterprise Seats / Licenses  
  • Domain Scanner: report of newly published pages
  • Priority Support: troubleshooting problematic URLs, assistance with set up, etc.

Pricing for this Enterprise offering will start at $299 / month and can be tailored to include 1) however many monthly checks and/or 2) Enterprise Licenses required by your organization.

If you have any questions about this upcoming release and/or if you would like to schedule a demo of this offering, feel free to contact our team directly at hello@changetower.com and/or set up a demo.

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