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Introducing KW Discovery: scan entire domains for mentions of specific phrases or keywords
Introducing KW Discovery: scan entire domains for mentions of specific phrases or keywords
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March 1st, 2023

ChangeTower's Domain Scanner was built to equip Enterprise with a tool that can scan an entire domain to discover newly added URLs to existing domains. This feature is especially helpful for those working in industries subject to elevated compliance procedures as it allows them to be notified if / when a new URL is published so that they can then get Monitors set up on those newly added URL(s). While this is quite useful for those orgs who need to ensure complete coverage of a domain, it is a little overkill in instances where an org only needs to be monitoring a subset of pages that contain a specific keyword(s) or phrase(s).

Introducing Domain KW Discovery (beta) - a new tool that allows organizations to receive a weekly report of which URLs have a specific Keyword or Phrase.

Unlike the legacy Domain Scanner, this tool is going to actually extract & examine the content of each page it discovers. This expensive but necessary step will allow it to determine if / where these keywords exist so that it can find + discover those pre-determined keywords or phrases and compile a report of URLs/pages where these keywords were discovered.

Note that this resource-intensive tool is available as an optional add-on to ChangeTower Enterprise.

Here are the steps for how to utilize ChangeTower's Domain KW Discovery solution:

Step 1. Select 'New Monitor'

New monitor button in the left navigation menu

Step 2. Choose the option to run a Weekly Domain Report

Weekly Domain Report option when selecting monitor types

Step 3. Provide the root URL of the domain and enable the toggle + list the KWs of interest (as shown below):

A screenshot of the section of ChangeTower where you enter the root URL and keywords

If you're monitoring a domain for multiple phrases, you will separate the phrases with the pipe ("|") symbol. Eg: phrase1|keyword1|phrase2

Step 4. Complete the setup (feel free to customize the Monitor name and tags!)

A section of ChangeTower where you edit monitor name and tags

The scan will run in the background and you will receive a notification once it's completed. The monitored domain will continue to be scanned on a weekly basis (every 7 days) and will crawl + extract all the URLs associated with this domain that contain the keyword(s). It will then compare that list to the prior scan and highlight any new URLs that contain the keyword(s) or any URLs that no longer contain the said keyword(s).

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